GAZ-Gorkovsky Automobile Plant


GAZ was the most abundant model of car in USSR. In 1945, GAZ trucks were the most abundant and accounted for 53.5% of all trucks (trucks made up 65.1% of all vehicles in the USSR).* GAZ cars, also in 1945, were the most abundant cars and constituted 30.8% of all cars (cars made up 16.7% of vehicles in the Soviet Union).* It made everything starting from a "Volga" (GAZ-21, 24, 31, 32) to a limousine luxury car like "Chaika" (GAZ-12) and a truck such as GAZ-51. GAZ was one of the first Soviet factories, manufacturing cars from before World War II. GAZ-Gorkovsky Automobile Plant was built in Gorky (called Nizhniy Novgorod before 1930 located not far from Moscow) in 1929 and the first cars made there were very similar, if not identical, to American Fords of that time. The construction of these early GAZes continued through the end of WWII.

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Model Years of production


GAZ-TK 1933
GAZ-21 (not M-21) 1936?
GAZ-410, (GAZ-S-1) 1936-1946
GAZ-60 1938-1942
GAZ-M-415 1939-1942
GAZ-44 1939-1942
GAZ-42 1939-1946
GAZ-64 1941-1942
GAZ-67 1943-1953
GAZ-51 1946-1975
GAZ-63 1946-1968
GAZ-61-417 ?
GAZ-93 1948-1975
GAZ-69 1953-1972
GAZ-46 "MAV" 1950's
GAZ-56 1956
GAZ-47 1956
GAZ-62 1959-1962
GAZ-53 1961-1991
GAZ-66 1964-present
GAZ-52 1966-late 1980s
GAZ-3309 1993-present
GAZ-3302 1996-present
GAZ-2307 1998
GAZ-3409 "Bobr" projected for 1999



Model Years of production
GAZ-03-30 1933-1948
GAZ-05-193 1936-1945
GAZ-55 1938-1945
GAZ-3221 1996-present
GAZ-2705 1995-present
GAZ-2217 "Sobol" 1996-present



Model Years of production
GAZ-A 1932-1936
GAZ-4 1933-1937
GAZ-6 no info on this yet
GAZ-3 only 65 KB pic now
GAZ-18 no info on this yet
GAZ-M-1 1936-1942
GAZ-11-73, 11-40 1940-1948
GAZ-61-73, 61-40 1941-1948
GAZ-GL1 only 2 photos
GAZ-M-20 "Pobeda" 1946-1958
GAZ-12 "ZIM" 1950-1959
GAZ-M-72 1955-1958
GAZ-M-21 "Volga" 1956-1970
GAZ-M-13 "Chaika" 1959-1981
GAZ-24 "Volga" 1971-1992
GAZ-14 "Chaika" 1977-1989
GAZ-3102 "Volga" 1986-present
GAZ-3105 "Volga", GAZ-3111 "Volga" 1998 (experimental)
GAZ-3110 "Volga" 1997-present



Heavy duty and military trucks made in Arzamas

Model Years of production
GAZ-3934, GAZ-3937 ?
BTR-80, GAZ-59037 1986-present

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