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Model  GAZ-51 (GAZ-51A) [GAZ-51Zh]
Seating 2
Curb weight, kg TOTAL 2,710 [2,800]
front axle 1,300 [1,350]
rear axle 1,410 [1,450]
Gross weight, kg TOTAL 5,370 [5,450]
front axle 1,610 [1,780]
rear axle 3,760 [3,670]
Payload [carrying capacity] weight, kg 2,500 / 2,000 on unpaved roads
Permissible [semi-]trailer weight, kg 3,500
Length, mm 5525 (5715)
Width, mm 2200 (2280)
Height, mm 2130
Wheelbase, mm 3300
Track width, mm front 1785
rear 1650
Minimal ground clearance, mm under front axle 305
under rear axle 245
Minimal radius of turn, m b/n curbs (outer front wheel) 7.6
b/n walls (extreme exterior dimension 8.1
Maximum speed, km/h 70
Fuel consumption, liters/100km 20 [26 at 30-40 km/h]
Acceleration time from 0-100 km/h, seconds -
Transmission gearbox 4 speed
gearbox ratios I-6.40/II-3.09/III-1.69/IV-1.00/R-7.82
main gear ratio 6.67 (40 and 6 teeth)
transfer case ratio -
clutch single-disk, dry
Wheels number 6 + 1
tire size 7,50-20
tire pressure, kg/cm2 front 3.0 / rear 3.5
Suspension front on two longitudinal semi-elliptical springs, hydraulic double-action shock absorbers
rear on two longitudinal semi-elliptical springs, w/ additional springs
Steering gear cone worm w/ 2-ridge roller
gear ratio 20.5
Brakes braking distance, m -
service (foot) drum brakes w/ hydraulic drive to all wheels
parking (hand) drum brake w/ mechanical drive to transmission
Filling capacities, liters fuel tank 90 (A-66 fuel) [100 (liquid propane)]
engine cooling system 14.5 (water or antifreeze)
engine lubrication system 7.0 (industrial oil 50 or ASp-5, AKp-5 oil)
gearbox housing  3.0 (gear oil)
axle housing 2.6 (gear oil)
steering system cylinder 0.5 (gear oil)
shock absorbers each front 0.15 (spindle oil)
hydraulic brake drive 0.5 (brake fluid)
air filter 0.35 (engine oil)
Carburetor K-22G [K-22K]
Electric equipment 12 volts
Accumulator battery 3ST70; 2 batteries
Generator [alternator] G21; 18 amps; 225 watts
Relay-regulator RR12-B or RR24-G
Starter motor ST8; 1.7 h.p.
Timer-distributor R20
Spark plugs M12U
Engine engine type GAZ-51, carb., 4-stroke, 6 cylinder, sv, in-line
cylinder work order 1-5-3-6-2-4
maximum horsepower, hp (with regulator) 70.0 [62.0] @ 2,800 rpm
maximum torque, Nm 20.5 [18.5] @ 1,500-1,700 rpm
displacement, liters 3.48
compression ratio 6.2:1
bore/stroke, mm 82.0 / 110.0
Years of production 1946-1955 (1955-1975) [1954-1975]
Overall units made ?
Wheel arrangement 4 X 2
Pictures see below

Values in (parenthesis) are for GAZ-51A that are different from those of GAZ-51.

Values in [brackets] are for GAZ-51Zh that are different from those of GAZ-51.

In this factory photo (25 KB [4]), taken at the GAZ assembly line in 1946 (?), the group of engineers was given the State award. From left to right: A.D.Prosvirnin, V.I.Borisov, L.V.Kostkin, A.M.Kriger, and the main constructor [engineer] A.A.Lipgart.

In fact, these trucks were so successful in the USSR that they were produced under a Soviet license in People's Republic of Poland (PNR) and in People's Chinese Democratic Republic (KNDR)

Model Speical charcteristics Photos
GAZ-51 1946-1955; see characteristics in above table (7 KB b/w, side view, 2nd generation [1949-1957] [5]), (25 KB b/w, side view, engineers in a factory [4]), (30 KB color, side view, prison truck [7]), (56 KB color, front view, in the field [5]), (17 KB b/w, with "muzhik", pre-1949 model [5]), (58 KB color, side view, drawing [3]), (26 KB b/w, top view [9]), (11 KB b/w, front view [105]), (27 KB b/w, side view [16]), (55 KB b/w, w/ technical info [1]), (29 KB color, front view, harvest gathering [5]), (17 KB b/w, rear view, cargo taxi [5])
GAZ-51A 1955-1975; see characteristics in above table (21 KB color, front view, still running in 1995 [104]), (22 KB color, side view, drawing [106])
GAZ-51P trailer-trailer model, with a maximum trailer mass of 6,000 kg. Unlike GAZ-51A it didn't have a body and had a shorter frame.  (20 KB color, side view, drawing [106]), (58 KB [1]), (8 KB [7]), (11 KB b/w, side view [104]), (58 KB b/w, side view, w/ semi-trailer PAZ-744 [1])
GAZ-51R differed from GAZ-51A by having higher sides of the body and the tent -
GAZ-51Zh could also run on liquified gas. It retained the original gasoline system but also featured a special tank for liquified gas with a mass of 145 kg; see characteristics in above table. (45 KB b/w, w/ technical info [1]), (9 KB b/w, side view [104])
GAZ-63 4 X 4 modification of GAZ-51 GAZ-63
GAZ-63A differs from GAZ-63 by having a winch on the front of the frame which is powered from the engine -
GAZ-63P tractor-trailer based on GAZ-63; has a shorter frame, no body, semi-trailer brake outlet -
GAZ-63D differs from GAZ-63P by having engine power outtake box and mechanical outlet for the drive of the dumping mechanism of semi-trailer -
GAZ-93A dump-truck modification of GAZ-51 GAZ-93A
GAZ-93B based on GAZ-93A; differs by having a special cover which covers the dumper body -
TA-1* bus body for suburban transportation (14 KB b/w, side view, bus [104])
TA-6* non-GAZ-51 body bus (12 KB b/w, front view [104])
TA-9* * (68 KB b/w, front view, bread truck TA-9* [1]), (75 KB b/w, side view, bread truck TA-9A* [1])
KAvZ-651 buses based on GAZ-51 chassis and mechanisms KAvZ-651
GZTM-953, GZTM-954, KHA-2-57** Special bodies have been put on GAZ-51 chassis (54 KB b/w, front view, isothermal GZTM-953 [1]), (74 KB b/w, side view, furniture truck GZTM-954 [1]), (52 KB b/w, side view, bread truck KHA-2-57 [1]), (26 KB b/w, top view, on a parking lot [?5]), (19 KB b/w, side view [?5])
AC-18*** milk cistern on GAZ-51 chassis (50 KB color, front view, milk cistern [5]), (76 KB b/w, side view, milk cistern [1]), (4 KB color, top view [5])
excursion bus excursion bus developed for tourists in Sochi on chassis of GAZ-51. (17 KB b/w, side view [104])
railroad trolley very few, if any, technical parameters apply to this vehicle. fire-fighters' narrow gauge railroad trolley with GAZ-51 cabin (79 KB color, side view [43]).

* TA is an abreviation for Tartu Autorepair plant #3 (Estonia SSR). These delivery trucks are based on GAZ-51A chassis. They only differ in their mass and dimensions from GAZ-51A. TA-9 is bread truck, TA-9V is for perishable items, TA-9A is also a bread truck and TA-9E is another perishable items truck. TA-9 and TA-9V have the same outward appearance, as do TA-9A and TA-9E.

** GZTM is Gorkiy Plant of Commercial Autoindustry. GZTMs mentioned on this page are based on GAZ-51A and are made with longer base which is increased right at GZTM. GZTM-953 has sheet steel facing (GZTM-953D has sheet dural-aluminum facing) and thermo-isolation and is intended for transport of perishable items; outwardly identical GZTM-952 has no thermo-isolation and is intended for industrial cargo. GZTM-954 has wood/metal body and is intended for transporting furniture. KHA-2-57 is also made at GZTM and has dural-aluminum facing, effective ventilation and is intended for bread delivery.

*** AC-18 is made by Grabovsky Plant of Fire-fighting Equipment on GAZ-51A chassis. It is intended for transportation of milk. The cistern is made up of two eliptical sections. It is filled by creating vacuum and emptied by self flow.


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