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Model GAZ-66 (*)
Seating 2
Curb weight, kg TOTAL 3,470 (4,350)
front axle -
rear axle  
Gross weight, kg TOTAL 5,800
front axle -
rear axle -
Payload [carrying capacity] weight, kg 2,000
Permissible [semi-]trailer weight, kg -
Length, mm 5655
Width, mm 2322
Height, mm 2520 (with canvas top)
Wheelbase, mm 3300
Track width, mm front -
rear -
Minimal ground clearance, mm under front axle -
under rear axle 315
Minimal radius of turn, m b/n curbs (outer front wheel) -
b/n walls (extreme exterior dimension -
Maximum speed, km/h 90 (85)
Fuel consumption, liters/100km 24 (17)
Acceleration time from 0-100 km/h, seconds -
Transmission gearbox 4 speed with synchronizers of III and IV speeds.
gearbox ratios -
main gear ratio -
transfer case ratio 2 speed
clutch single-disk, dry, with hydraulic drive shut-off
Wheels number -
tire size 12,00-18
tire pressure, kg/cm2 -
Suspension front on 2 longitudinal semi-elliptic springs, hydraulic telescopic-type double-acting shock absorbers 
rear on 2 longitudinal semi-elliptic springs, hydraulic telescopic-type double-acting shock absorbers 
Steering gear cone worm and 3-ridge roller, w/ hydraulic steering booster
gear ratio -
Brakes braking distance, m -
service (foot) drum brakes to all wheels, w/ hydraulic drive and hydro-vacuum booster
parking (hand) drum brake to transmission, w/ mechanical drive
Filling capacities, liters fuel tank 105 x 2 (A-76 gasoline)
engine cooling system -
engine lubrication system -
gearbox housing  -
axle housing -
steering system cylinder -
shock absorbers -
hydraulic brake drive -
air filter -
Carburetor -
Electric equipment -
Accumulator battery -
Generator [alternator] -
Relay-regulator -
Starter motor -
Timer-distributor -
Spark plugs -
Engine engine type ZMZ-66 (same as GAZ-53), 8 cylinder, V-shaped, carb., ohv, 4-stroke (diesel 5441.10)
cylinder work order -
maximum horsepower, hp 120 @ 3,200 rpm
maximum torque, Nm -
displacement, liters 4.254
compression ratio 6.7:1
bore/stroke, mm 92 / 80
Years of production 1964-present?
Total units made ?
Wheel arrangement 4 X 4
Pictures 44 KB (b/w, side/front views [7])

26 KB (color, side view, drawing [106])

22 KB (color, in the sands [11])

18 KB (color, side view [155)

32 KB (color, side view [117]

32 KB (color, front view, an auto-school truck [19/4])

40 KB (color, front view, GAZ-66-21 [19/4])**

42 KB (color, side view, GAZ-3531 [19/4])***

35 KB (color, side view, experimental diesel [19/4])****

38 KB (color, side view, 1998-"the end" [19/20])

36 KB (b/w, side view, snow cleaner [16])

43 KB (color, side view, prisoner truck in Vyborg [15])

42 KB (b/w, side view, 6 X 4 version [3])*****

* (parenthesis) indicate parameters of GAZ-66-40 that are different from those of GAZ-66.

**GAZ-66-21 differs from the main GAZ-66 model in that it has a bigger platform and stronger frame and shock absorbers.

***GAZ-3531 is a dump-truck with 3-way unload capability. It was made primarily for kolkhoz [farm] use and thus lacks the second fuel tank, winch, and the tires with automatic pressure control system.

****The experimental diesel model (see picture above) was not produced on a large scale, rather, this is just a sample.

*****Experimental GAZ-33 6 X 4 version with 7,000 kg maximum load capacity; it is based on experimental 6 X 6 GAZ-34.

This very successful line of trucks evolved from late model (1959) of GAZ-62. The production of this series of trucks officially ended in 1998, but the Army, its biggest customer, still places orders on these trucks -- their favorite off-road vehicles.



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