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Model GAZ-60
Seating 2
Curb weight, kg TOTAL 3,350
front axle -
rear axle -
Gross weight, kg TOTAL 4,825
front axle -
rear axle -
Payload [carrying capacity] weight, kg 1,300
Permissible [semi-]trailer weight, kg -
Length, mm 5300
Width, mm 2400
Height, mm 2085
Wheelbase, mm 3350 (to center of bogie)
Track width, mm front -
rear -
Minimal ground clearance, mm under front axle -
under rear axle 300
Minimal radius of turn, m b/n curbs (outer front wheel) -
b/n walls (extreme exterior dimension -
Maximum speed, km/h 35
Fuel consumption, liters/100km 57
Acceleration time from 0-100 km/h, seconds -
Transmission gearbox 4 speed
gearbox ratios -
main gear ratio singular, pair of bevel gears w/ spiral teeth
additional gearbox 2 speed
clutch single-disk, dry
Wheels number 2 (front only)
tire size 6.5-20 (front wheels only)
tire pressure, kg/cm2 -
Suspension front one transverse inverted semi-elliptic leaf spring
rear two longitudinal cantilever leaf springs
Steering gear cone worm and 2-ridge roller
gear ratio -
Brakes braking distance, m -
service (foot) front wheel drums w/ mechanical drive
parking (hand) drum type w/ mechanical drive to transmission
Filling capacities, liters fuel tank 2 X 50 (B-66 gasoline)
engine cooling system -
engine lubrication system -
gearbox housing  -
axle housing -
steering system cylinder -
shock absorbers -
hydraulic brake drive -
air filter -
Carburetor -
Electric equipment -
Accumulator battery -
Generator [alternator] -
Relay-regulator -
Starter motor -
Timer-distributor -
Spark plugs -
Engine engine type carb., 4-tact, 4 cyl., sv
cylinder work order -
maximum horsepower, hp 50 @ 2800 rpm
maximum torque, Nm 17
displacement, liters 3.285
compression ratio 4.6:1
bore/stroke, mm 98.43 / 107.95
Years of production 1938-1942
Total units made ?
Wheel arrangement semi-caterpillar with 2 front wheels
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This vehicle of increased cross-country capability was based on experimental NATI-V3 on chassis of the famous GAZ-AA. The design of NATI was taken by GAZ factory to a serial production in 1938; but in 1942 was discontinued because of technical shortcomings. Many technical aspects of its caterpillar mechanism GAZ-60 inherited from NATI-2. Rubber tracks 390 mm wide has metal spurs and interior ridge which went in between doubled rollers that prevented the track from sliding off. When judging the qualities of this truck do not forget that it does not represent any new special construction but is simply a modification of a serially produced GAZ-AA. 


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