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Model GAZ-12 "ZIM"
Seating 6
Curb weight, kg TOTAL 1,940
front axle -
rear axle -
Gross weight, kg TOTAL 2,390
front axle -
rear axle -
Payload [carrying capacity] weight, kg -
Permissible [semi-]trailer weight, kg -
Length, mm 5530
Width, mm 1900
Height, mm 1660
Wheelbase, mm 3200
Track width, mm front 1460 [toe-in: 1.5-3 mm]
rear 1500
Minimal ground clearance, mm under front axle 200
under rear axle 200
Minimal radius of turn, m b/n curbs (outer front wheel) -
b/n walls (extreme exterior dimension 7.4
Maximum speed, km/h 120
Fuel consumption, liters/100km 15.5 @ 50-60 km/h; 18.5 @ 90 km/h
Acceleration time from 0-100 km/h, seconds 37
Transmission gearbox 3 speeds
gearbox ratios I - 3.115 / II - 1.772 / III - 1.000 / R - 4.005 [since late 1951 - 3.738]
main gear ratio 4.55 bevel gear w/ 2 satellites
transfer case ratio -
clutch single-disk, dry, w/ fluid coupling
Wheels number -
tire size 7,00-15
tire pressure, kg/cm2 2.25 in front / 2.25 in rear
Suspension front independent, w/ wheel oscillation in vertical transverse plane, hydraulic bilateral-action shock absorbers 
rear on two longitudinal semi-elliptical springs, hydraulic bilateral-action shock absorbers 
Steering gear cone worm and 2-ridge roller
gear ratio -
Brakes braking distance, m -
service (foot) drum brakes w/ hydraulic drive to all wheels w/ self-retarding braking shoes
parking (hand) drum brakes w/ mechanical drive to rear wheels
Filling capacities, liters fuel tank 80 (A-72)
engine cooling system 13
engine lubrication system 7.5
gearbox housing  0.9
axle housing 1.7
steering system cylinder -
shock absorbers -
hydraulic brake drive -
air filter -
Carburetor K-21 downdraft, duplicated
Electric equipment 12 volts
Accumulator battery 6-ST-68-E'M GOST 959-51
Generator [alternator] G20; 220 watts
Relay-regulator -
Starter motor ST20 or ST20-U; 1.6 h. p.
Timer-distributor R20; gap 0.35-0.45 mm
Spark plugs NA12-15AG; 14mm; gap: 0.70 - 0.80 mm
Engine engine type GAZ-51 forcified, 6 inline cyl., carb., 4-stroke, sv
cylinder work order 1-5-3-6-2-4
maximum horsepower, hp 90 @ 3,600 rpm
maximum torque, Nm 21.5
displacement, liters 3.485
compression ratio 6.7:1
bore/stroke, mm 82 / 110
Years of production 1950-1959
Overall units produced 21527
Wheel arrangement 4 X 2
Pictures  15 KB (color, front/side view in SPb [8])

17 KB (color, rear view in SPb [8])

27 KB (color, front view [122]) 

34 KB (color, rear view of beige ZIM and another rear of a black ZIM [122]) 

38 KB (color, interior view seen through closed front passenger door [122]) 

30 KB (color, interior view seen through open driver's door [122]) 

27 KB (color, view of ZIM emblem on the hood [122]) 

21 KB (color, rear view [7])

69 KB (color, dashboard view [7])

13 KB (color, ambulance [7])

54 KB (b/w, side view, ambulance [GAZ-12B ZIM] [7/28])

25 KB (color, front/side view [4])

10 KB (color, side view [GAZ-12 is the pink one] [9])

33 KB (color, front view* [43])

39 KB (color, rear view* [43])

27 KB (color, front view [40])

27 KB (color, rear view [40])

27 KB (color, interior view [40])

15 KB (color, side view, drawing [106])

31 KB (color, front view of ZIM and GAZ-M-13 Chaika [122]) 

16 KB (b/w, front view, drawing [103])

11 KB (b/w, side view, drawing [105])

36 KB (b/w, side view, first prototype (?1948) [7/28])

69 KB (b/w, side view, cabriolet** [7/28])

* These 2 photos are of GAZ-12 "ZIM" that has been put on narrow gauge railroad chassis and served for years as a personal railroad trolley of some railroad chief. According to records, this unusual combination of auto and rail has hit 3 persons and innumerable amount of horned cattle. (Obviously, very few of the technical parameters listed here apply to this vehicle).

** The cabriolet did not have a special index denotation because very few of them existed; perhaps only 3 vehicles.

This was one of the first Soviet limousines. However, this model also had an ambulance modification, whose technical characteristics were somewhat different from those of the limousine version. GAZ-12 had a climb of 24 degrees in front and 18 degrees in the rear. "ZIM" is an abbreviation for Zavod Imeni Molotova (Plant named in Molotov's honor). Also a few cabriolet cars were made, but never produced serially. GAZ-12B ambulance on the other hand was on serial production. It had a glass partition behind the front seat, sliding-out stretchers and two folding seats. On the front part of the roof was a red cross lamp and on the front left fender was a spot light. 

Here are a few photos from 14 November 1999. [the date on photos is different because Maxime must have forgotten to change the time after he came back from Russia]. In it you can see Maxime's 1968 GAZ-M-21Volga and Tim's 1959 GAZ-12 ZIM. Tim's ZIM has GAZ-24 engine, which appears to be a bit too weak for such a heavy car. 

Tim's GAZ-12 ZIM w/ some views of Maxime's GAZ-M-21 "Volga" [pics are taken by me [30], unless otherwise noted]
53 KB color, front view, Maxime and his son next to the Volga, Tim next to his ZIM, and myself in the "elegant British" cap in the middle [29]
55 KB color, front view Maxime's wife and son on Volga, Tim on ZIM, and myself in the middle again [29]
37 KB color, front view of Volga and ZIM
52 KB color, side view of Volga and Tim on his ZIM
52 KB color, rear view of Volga and ZIM
39 KB color, front view of Volga and ZIM with city streets lights after dark
32 KB color, radiator view of ZIM with city streets lights after dark, nice chrome shine
31 KB color, "what do we see when looking out the ZIM windshield?" rear view of Volga
29 KB color, under the hood of ZIM, but the engine is from the newer GAZ-24 "Volga"
35 KB color, under the hood, with a non-original 4 cyl. GAZ-24 90 hp. engine
30 KB color, interior view of ZIM, radio and clock are add to the "antique" view of this car
37 KB color, interior view of ZIM, steering wheel and other driver's controls
26 KB color, interior view of ZIM, Tim's silhouette can be seen as he masterfully keeps up with Maxime in front of us
32 KB color, ZIM logo on the front of the hood
29 KB color, ZIM logo on the side of the hood


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