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Model GAZ-M-20 "Pobeda"
Seating 5
Curb weight, kg [lb] TOTAL 1,460 [3,212]
front axle 740 [1,628]
rear axle 720 [1,584]
Gross weight, kg [lb] TOTAL 1,835 [4,037]
front axle 880 [1,936]
rear axle 955 [2,101]
Payload [carrying capacity] weight, kg -
Permissible [semi-]trailer weight, kg -
Length, mm [in.] 4665 [15'4"]
Width, mm [in.] 1895 [6'3"]
Height, mm [in.] 1640 [5'5"]
Wheelbase, mm [in.] 2700 [8'10"]
Track width, mm front 1364
rear 1362
Minimal ground clearance, mm [in.] under front axle 210 [8 1/4"]
under rear axle 200 [7 7/8"]
Minimal radius of turn, m [yards] b/n curbs (outer front wheel) 6.3  [6.9]
b/n walls (extreme exterior dimension 6.8 [7.5]
Maximum speed, km/h 105
Fuel consumption, liters/100km 11.0 (@ 50-60 km/h)
Acceleration time from 0-100 km/h, seconds -
Transmission gearbox 3 speed, steering column gearshift
gearbox ratios 3.115 / 1.772 / 1.000 / R-3.740
main gear ratio 4.7 (1946-1948), 5.125 (1948-1958) (41 and 8 teeth)
transfer case ratio -
clutch one disc, dry*
Wheels number 4 + 1
tire size 6,00-16
tire pressure, kg/cm2 2.2 front / 2.2 rear
Suspension front independent, spring suspension w/ wishbone arms; hydraulic double-acting shock absorbers
rear on longitudinal semi-elliptic springs; hydraulic double-acting shock absorbers
Steering gear cone worm and 2-ridge roller
gear ratio 18.2
Brakes braking distance, m -
service (foot) drum brakes to all wheels w/ hydraulic drive
parking (hand) drum brake to rear wheels w/ mechanical drive
Filling capacities, liters fuel tank 55 (A-72)
engine cooling system 10.5 (water or anti-freeze)
engine lubrication system 6.0 [in summer-industrial oil 50 (SU) or ASp-5 and AKp-5 oil; in winter-mix 60% industrial oil 50 (SU) and 40% of spindle oil.
gearbox housing  0.9 (transmission oil)
axle housing 1.0 (transmission oil)
steering system cylinder 0.25 (transmission oil)
shock absorbers each front 0.24; each rear 0.15 (mix 60% of transformer oil and 40% of turbine or spindle oil AU)
hydraulic brake drive 0.4 (braking fluid)
air filter 0.25 (engine oil)
Carburetor K-22E (until mid-1955 K-22A was installed)
Electric equipment 12 volts
Accumulator battery 6ST54
Generator [alternator] G20; 18 amps; 225 watts
Relay-regulator RR20-B
Starter motor ST20-B; 1.7 h.p.
Timer-distributor R23
Spark plugs M23U
Engine engine type M-20, 4 cylinder, carb., 4-stroke., sv
cylinder work order 1-2-4-3
maximum horsepower, hp 52.0 @ 3600 rpm
maximum torque, Nm 12.5 @ 2200 rpm
displacement, liters 2.12
compression ratio 6.2:1
bore/stroke, mm 82.0 / 100.0
Years of production 1946-1958
Total units made 235,997 (14,220 of which are cabriolets)
Wheel arrangement 4 X 2
Pictures 38 KB (color, front view, 1947 version [28])

23 KB (color, side view, 1955 GAZ-M-20V [6])

23 KB (color, side view, GAZ-M-20V [3])

35 KB (color, front view, GAZ-M-20V, 1956 [122])**

15 KB (color, side view, drawing [106])

15 KB (color, rear view, cabriolet version [28])

13 KB (color, rear/side view [28])

21 KB (color, front view, 1954 [113])

17 KB (color, side view, drawing of 6-cyl. car 1945 version [4])

21 KB (color, side view, militia coloring [28])

16 KB (color, side view, taxi parking lot [5])

29 KB (b/w, side view, taxi parking lot [114])

32 KB (color, front/side view [41])

26 KB (color, side view [40])

26 KB (color, side view [40])

16 KB (b/w, side view, drawing [103])

11 KB (b/w, side view, drawing [105])

16 KB (b/w, side view [16])

8 KB (b/w, side view, another cabriolet [5])

10 KB (b/w, front view, rare pickup version [7])

47 KB (b/w, side view /w technical info [1])

35 KB (color, front view, GAZ-M-20G [122])***


*before 1950 the gear shift lever was mounted on the gearbox cover (on the floor). After 1950 it was mounted on the steering wheel column.

**this particular car belonged to the right-hand man of academic Kurchatov, spent much of its time in the MGU (Moscow State University) garage. Currently belongs to "ZIS-M" club, which in turn belongs to the Kremlin doctor.

The first experimental model appeared in November 1944, but on production line it appeared in 1946. Years of production: (1945) 1946-1948, 1948-1955-1958. Overall 235997 units (including 14220 cabriolets) were made. It came out in 1948 that the front axle was not designed well and so production was halted for a few months that year until the defect was corrected. From 1949 gearbox lever was mounted on the steering wheel. Between 1948-1953 GAZ-M-20 cabriolet has been included into production. In 1955 (or perhaps late1954) "Pobeda" was modified (radiator grill, instrument panel, removed horizontal bar between fangs of front bumper, radio and an air filter mounted on the carburator installed) this model is known as GAZ-M-20V. There is also a 4WD GAZ-M-72 on the production line between 1955-1958 and a small series of ***GAZ-M-20G which had a more powerful, 6 cylinder engine. "Pobeda" appears very similar to Opel Kapitan (92 KB color, front/rear views, 1939 [113]) The trademark "Pobeda" (which means "victory" in Russian) originated in May of 1945 when Red Army of the USSR won the war with Germany, on terms of unconditional surrender. As in many other GAZes, M in the title of the car stands for Molotov. [etymology: "pobeda" in Russian means "victory"]

From 1951-1973 the car [GAZ-M-20 "Pobeda"] was also produced under "Warszawa" trademark in Poland. Between 1951-1957 it was simply a copy of the Soviet 1949 GAZ-M-20, but then, in 1957, Polish engineers modified and restyled it. Overall production of "Warszawa" was 244472 units.

Here is some interesting info sent to me by Krzysztof Sachs from Poland. It ["Warszawa"] was produced under the Russian licence since 1951. First version Warszawa M-20 produced between 1951-1957 was identical to original Pobieda. First modification was done in 1957. The most visible change was the front net (radiator cover). There was also lots of small technical improvements and some other face-lifting. In 1961 the next version - Warszawa 201 and 202 was introduced. There was more face-lifting and technical improvements done. The version 202 has also a new Polish engine (up-side valve system - the old one was down-side valve; by the way I don't know a English expresion for that). In 1963 the versions 203 and 204 (later re-named to 223 and 224 because of Peugeot protest) were introduced. The main change was the sedan-type of body. The last version was produced by 1973.

Photos of Krzystztof Sachs' "Warszawa" M-20

Warszawa, Krzysiek, and his son

23 KB (color, front view [36])

the car and his son

31 KB (color, front view [36])

the car, himself, and his father

31 KB (color, front view [36])

a larger photo of Warszawa

19 KB (color, front view [36])

some other Warszawa

29 KB (color, side view [36])

On a more personal note, my grandfather used to own a GAZ-M-20 in the late 1950's-early 1960's.


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