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Model GAZ-M-13 "Chaika"
Seating 7 ( 2- or 4-door cabriolet and 5-door utility)
Curb weight, kg TOTAL 2,050
front axle 1,110
rear axle 940
Gross weight, kg TOTAL 2,575
front axle 1,280
rear axle 1,295
Payload [carrying capacity] weight, kg -
Permissible [semi-]trailer weight, kg -
Length, mm 5600
Width, mm 2000
Height, mm 1580
Wheelbase, mm 3250
Track width, mm front 1540
rear 1530
Minimal ground clearance, mm under front axle 180
under rear axle 210
Minimal radius of turn, m b/n curbs (outer front wheel) 7.3
b/n walls (extreme exterior dimension -
Maximum speed, km/h 160
Fuel consumption, liters/100km 15 (@ 60 km/h), 21 (@ 100 km/h)
Acceleration time from 0-100 km/h, seconds -
Transmission gearbox hydraulic transformer (maximum transformation coefficient 2.4), works together w/ planetary 3 step gear box
gearbox ratios I-2.84 / II-1.68 / III-1.00 / R-1.72
main gear ratio 3.54
transfer case ratio -
clutch -
Wheels number 4 + 1
tire size 8,20-15 (tubeless)
tire pressure, kg/cm2 1.7 front / 1.7 rear
Suspension front independent, wishbone, on two vertical cylindrical springs; telescopic double-acting shock absorbers
rear on two longitudinal semi-elliptic springs; telescopic double-acting shock absorbers
Steering gear cone worm and 2-ridge roller w/ hydraulic power steering
gear ratio 18.2
Brakes braking distance, m -
service (foot) drum brakes to all wheels w/ hydraulic drive and vacuum booster
parking (hand) drum brake to transmission w/ mechanical drive
Filling capacities, liters fuel tank 80 (91 octane gasoline)
engine cooling system 17.0 (water or antifreeze)
engine lubrication system 6.5 (oil AKZp-10 with AZNII-8)
hydraulic gearbox housing  9.5 (special oil)
axle housing 0.9 (oil for hypoid gears)
steering system cylinder 0.15 (transmission oil) (1.6 of special oil for power steering system)
shock absorbers each front 0.2; each rear 0.4 (spindle oil AU)
hydraulic brake drive 0.5 (braking fluid)
air filter 0.55 (engine oil)
Carburetor K-113
Electric equipment 12 volts
Accumulator battery -
Generator [alternator] -
Relay-regulator -
Starter motor -
Timer-distributor -
Spark plugs A15B
Engine engine type M-13, V-8, carb., 4-stroke., ohv
cylinder work order 1-5-4-2-6-3-7-8
maximum horsepower, hp 195 @ 4400 rpm
maximum torque, Nm 41.0 @ 2300 rpm
displacement, liters 5.526
compression ratio 8.5:1
bore/stroke, mm 100.0 / 88.0
Years of production 1959-1981
Total units made 3,179
Wheel arrangement 4 X 2
Pictures see below

Model Comment Distinguishing characteristics Photos
GAZ-M-13 "Chaika" regular version - (38 KB color, rear view [122])*, (27 KB color, side view [122])*, (26 KB color, interior rear seat view [122])**, (40 KB color, engine view [122])***, (36 KB color, dashboard view seen through driver's door [122]), (68 KB color, front view [10]), (10KB color, rear view [28]), (58 KB b/w, with technical info [1]), (29 KB color, interior view [7]), (19 KB color, side view, 1965 [28]), (24 KB color, front view [113]), (9 KB b/w, side view, drawing [105]), (10 KB b/w, side view, drawing [103]), (30 KB color, front view, drawing [106]), (31 KB color, front view of Chaika and GAZ-12 [122])
GAZ-M-13B "Chaika" cabriolet version - (33 KB color, rear view w/ open top [122]), (4 KB color, rear view [7]), (52 KB color, front view [28]), (35 KB color, rear view [28]), (12 KB color, side view [4])
GAZ-M-13S "Chaika" station wagon version - (30 KB color, side view [122])****, (56 KB color, front view, 1979 [28])****, (18 KB b/w, side view [28]), (14 KB b/w, side view [28]), (26 KB color, side view, 1979 [28])

* This particular Chaika was assigned to Yuriy Andropov when he was the head of the KGB. It is equipped with a special communication system; red blinking light on front bumper; glass partition behind the front row of seats; the interior is finished with Karelian birch. 

**This car, one of the few Chaikas originally painted white on the factory, was a gift of Nikita Khrushev to Valentina Tereshkova (pilot-astronaut of the USSR, first female astronaut in the world, hero of the Soviet Union [1963], flew on "Vostok-6" in June 1963, vice-president of International democratic federation of women since 1969, member of Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union since 1974).

***Everything is original except alternator from GAZ-14 and air-conditioner.

****This ambulance served Brezhnev.

These cars were made strictly for party members and KPSS personel. Only about 3,179 GAZ-M-13 were made. Most were painted black. A few 2-door and 4-door cabriolets [GAZ-M-13B] were made. In addition about 20 5-door station wagons [GAZ-M-13S] were also made. Some of the models have a divider behind the front seat [GAZ-13A]. These cars were all equipped with automatic transmission and shifting of gears was performed simply by pressing buttons.

According to Tim there was also GAZ-23 made. It was GAZ-M-13 engine, but the body and mechanical parts were taken from GAZ-M-21 "Volga". This car was made for the KGB but was discontinued because of poor handling characteristics. Apparently the 8 cylinder M-13 engine was too heavy for the front suspension of the rear wheel drive GAZ-M-21 "Volga".

Tim's Chaika in the "Lone Star state" of Texas.
Below are color photographs contributed by Tim [77]
52 KB (side view) 46 KB (side view) 54 KB (side view) 55 KB (side view) 53 KB (side view)
50 KB (front view) 52 KB (rear view) 50 KB (rear view) 45 KB (interior driver's seat view) 42 KB (interior steering wheel view)
49 KB (interior passenger's seat view) 38 KB (interior rear seat view)


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