AMO - Automobile Moscow Enterprise

ZIS - Stalin's Plant

ZIL - Lihachev's Plant

Located near Moscow, Russia

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Before AMO (Avtomobilnoe Moskovskoe Obshchestvo [Moscow Automobile Enterprise]) was rebuilt in 1931 it produced AMO-F-15 -- the first Soviet truck. After the reconstruction, production of AMO-2 began, it looked similar to ZIS-5. Soon, however, by 1932, after improvements to AMO-2; AMO-3 and AMO-4 were put on the assembly line. In 1933-1934 AMO was rebuilt again and became known as ZIS (Zavod Imeni Stalina [Stalin's Plant]). Thus, AMO no longer existed, but ZIS began prodcution of its first truck -- ZIS-5. In 1941 the production line at ZIS was stopped and moved to Ulianovsk [UAZ] and to Miass [UralZIS/UralAZ]. UAZ-ZIS produced ZIS-5 from 1942-1944. By 1942 the main ZIS located in Moscow restarted production of ZIS-5 and continued until 1947. The new UralZIS plant in Miass started the production line of ZIS-5 in summer of 1944 and put their own logos on the radiators, continuing production until 1955. Also important to notice is that from 1942 all ZIS-5 were outfitted with flat fenders and wooden doors and seats. During the war years, just like GAZ-AA, ZIS-5 had its bumper and right headlight removed. Then, in 1947-1948 along with the new ZIS-150 truck, a modified ZIS-5, indexed as ZIS-50, was made with the new ZIS-150 engine. In 1955 UralZIS modified ZIS-5, giving it a new engine and more aerodynamical fenders, giving it a name UralZIS-355. In 1956, however, shortly after Stalin's death some criticism for not following in Lenin's footsteps prompted to factory to be renamed ZIL - Zavod imeni Lihacheva, i.e. Lihachev's Plant.


AMO, ZIS & ZIL Trucks

Model Years of Production
AMO-White 1922?
AMO-F-15 1924-1931
AMO-2 1931-1932
AMO-3 1932-1934
ZIS-5, ZIS-21, ZIS-11, ZIS-6, ZIS-42,

ZIS-12, ZIS-10, ZIS-13, ZIS-14, ZIS-30,

ZIS-32, ZIS-S1, ZIS-50, ZIS-15, ZIS-22, ZIS-33

ZIS-150, ZIS-156, ZIS-120N 1947-1957
ZIS-151, ZIS-BAV-485 1948-1958
ZIS-253 experimental
ZIL-164, ZIL-MMZ-585, ZIL-166 1957-1965
ZIL-157 1958-1970s
ZIL-130, ZIL-MMZ-555 1964-1992
ZIL-131 1967-1991
ZIL-135 1968
ZIL-167 "Sinaya Ptica" 1960's-1990's
ZIL-133, ZIL-4331, ZIL-4333, ZIL-4334,

ZIL-4421, ZIL-4423, ZIL-5343, ZIL-5417

ZIL-5301 "Bychok" 1994-present

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ZIS & ZIL Buses

Model Years of Production
AMO-4 1933-1934
ZIS-8, ZIS-16, ZIS-LUX 1934-1941
ZIS-154, ZIS-150 "Aremkuz" 1947-1950
ZIS-155 1949-1957
ZIL-127 1956-1960
ZIL-158 1957-1961
ZIL-118 "Junost" 1963-1964
ZIL-3250 "Bychok" 1998-present

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ZIS & ZIL Cars

Model Years of Production
ZIS-101, ZIS-102 1936-1941
ZIS-110 1946-1958
ZIL-111 1959-1967
ZIL-412S 1962
ZIL-114, ZIL-117 1967-1985
ZIL-4102 experimental (1970's)
ZIL-41041, ZIL-41047 1985-present

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