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BAZ - Bryansk Automobile Plant (ENG)
BelAZ - Belorussky Automobile Plant (ENG)
ErAZ - Yerevan Autobus Plant (ENG)
GAZ (RU) GAZ-Gorkovsky Automobile Plant (ENG)
IZH (RU) IZH - IzhMash Plant (ENG) (RU)
KamAZ - Kama Automobile Plant (ENG)
KAvZ - Kurgan Autobus Plant (ENG)
KAZ - Kutaisi Automobile Plant (ENG)
Kirovec (ENG) Kirovec - Kirov Auto Works (ENG)
KrAZ - Kremenchug Automobile Plant (ENG)
KZKT - Wheeled Tractor Plant
LAZ - Lvov Autobus Plant (ENG)
LiAZ - Likino Autobus Plant (ENG)
LuAZ - Lutsk Automobile Plant (ENG)
MAZ - Minsk Automobile Plant (ENG)
MoAZ - Mogilev Automobile Plant (ENG)
MZKT - Minsk Plant of Wheel-based Tractors (ENG)
PAZ - Pavlov Autobus Plant (ENG)
RAF - Riga Autobus Plant (Rigas Autobuss Fabrika) (ENG)
Russobalt (ENG)
SeAZ - Serpuhov Automobile Plant (ENG)
Tractors - various makes (ENG)
UAZ - Ulianovsk Automobile Plant (ENG)
UralAZ - Uralsk Automobile Plant (ENG)
VAZ - Volga Automobile Plant (ENG)
YaAZ - Yaroslavl Automobile Plant (ENG)
ZAZ - Zaporozhe Automobile Plant (ENG)
ZIL - Lihachev's [Automobile] Plant (ENG)
ZIS - Stalin's [Automobile] Plant (ENG)

Reference Data

Accumulator Batteries
Angles of Wheel Mounting
Density of Fuels / Oils
Fluids, Brake (and performance)
Fluids, Engine Cooling
Fuel, Gasoline Ratings
Fuel, Carbohydrate Liquid Gas
Fuel, Diesel
Oils, Carburetor Engines
Oils, Diesel Engines
Oils, Transmission
Oils, Hydraulic Shock Absorbers
Pumps for 2-tact Diesel Engines
Spark Plugs

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