ZAZ - Zaporozhe Automobile Plant.

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Perhaps the most relevant thing to say about Soviet cars made by ZAZ is that they are truly Soviet. In case You aren't sure what I mean by "truly Soviet" here is an explanation: it means that these cars are very uncomfortable and cheap. Supposedly, the ZAZes were to be the "people's car", just like German VolksWagen, but very few Russians could afford any car including this one. The plant itself was built in 1960. As there were a few different models that this plant made, interestingly enough, they did not become any better over time. And with the exception of the most recent model "Tavria" all of ZAZ cars had air engine-cooling system, which made a terrible noise when one pressed the accelerator pedal.

Model Years of Production
ZAZ-965 "Zaporozhec" 1960-1966
ZAZ-968 "Zaporozhec",

ZAZ-966 "Zaporozhec"

ZAZ-970 ?
ZAZ-1102 "Tavria",

ZAZ-1105 "Dana"



ZAZ-969 actually called LuAZ-969


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