IZH - IzhMash Plant

Located in Izhevsk, Udmurtia, Russia

Brief History: IzhMash was founded in 1807 as an order of Czar Alexander I. It was built as a fire-arm factory and has produced much of Russia's firearms. During WWII for example, the factory made 11.3 million rifles and machineguns. (that's more then the total German production of 10.3 million). After the Great Patriotic War (WWII) IzhMash began producing the famous AK-47 Kalashnikovs. AK-47 right now are being used by armies and special forces in 106 counties. Car production on IzhMash was organized on April 6, 1966. At first, MZMA-408 was to be made here. On December 12, 1966 the first Moskvich-408 (with the "Izh" emblem) came out of the assembly room. In 1967, production of MZMA-412 was started. The automotive branch of the plant was quickly picking up pace and using miles of assembly lines. Soon to follow was the presentation of Izh-2125 "kombi" (station wagon) and Izh-2715 small van. Unlike previously made models, these two were developed by the plants own engineers. By 1971 the production of these cars was well underway. On october 27, 1977 1,000,000th Izh was made. In 1984, Izh-2126 was developed and authorized for production. By 1998 overall over 3,900,000 cars have been made on IzhMash.


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Model Years of Production
MZMA-408 1966-1967
MZMA-412 1967-1971
Izh-2125, Izh-2715 1982-present
Izh-2126, Izh-2717 1991-present



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