UAZ - Ulianovsk Automobile Plant.

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Ulianovsk Automobile Plant was built and began operating in 1941. For over 50 years UAZ has been the sole supplier of autos for many farming and military branches. The plant started with production of ZIS-5, aviational shells, gas generators for ZIS-21 and small displacement motorcycle engines. In 1944 the first Ul'ZIS-253 was assembled. From 1946-1952 GAZ-AA was made here. Right now UAZ employs 25,000 and produces over 175,000 multipurpose vehicles each year.

Located in Ulianovsk [Simbirsk], Russian Federation

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Mini-trucks and Vans

Model Years of Production
GAZ-AA 1946-1952
UAZ-450, UAZ-451, UAZ-452 1957-?
UAZ-3303, UAZ-2923, UAZ-2746 ?
UAZ-3741, UAZ-2206, UAZ-3962, UAZ-3909 ?



Model Years of Production
UAZ-69, UAZ-69A 1954-1972
UAZ-469 1972-1985
UAZ-3907 ?
UAZ-3172 ?
UAZ-31512, UAZ-31514, UAZ-3153, UAZ-3159 "Bars" 1985-present
UAZ-3160 1996-present

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