LiAZ - Likino Autobus Plant

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Located in Likino-Dulevo, Moscow oblast, Russia

LiAZ is certainly the most famous name of city buses in Russia and the neighboring counties. This bus plant went into operation in 1959 by adopting production of ZIL-158 and, consequently, producing LiAZ-158. Then, at the end of 1967, production of a new generation of buses was began - LiAZ-677. Many of them are still serving people in many Russian cities. The latest development in Likino is the modern city bus - LiAZ-5256.

Model Years of Production
LiAZ-158 1959-?
LiAZ-5E-676 1962 (experimental)
LiAZ-677 1967-?
LiAZ-5256 1990's


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