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Model  LiAZ-5iE-676
Seating 123
Net-weight, kg [lb] 10,800
Full load weight, kg [lb] -
Load weight, kg [lb] -
Total trailer weight, kg [lb] -
Length, mm [in.] 15,429
Width, mm [in.] -
Height, mm [in.] -
Base, mm [in.] -
Minimal clearance, mm [in.] -
Minimal radius of turn, m [yards] -
Maximum speed, km/h [mi/h] 60
Maximum horsepower, hp [kW] -
Maximum torque, Nm [lbft] -
Engine displacement, liters [cc] -
Compression ratio -
Gear ratios -
Main gear ratio -
Mileage, liters/100km [mi/gal] -
Acceleration time from 0-100 km/h [62 mi/h], seconds -
Breaking distance, m [yards] -
Fuel tank capacity, liters [gal] -
Years of production 1962 (experimental)
Type of engine -
Bore/Stroke, mm [in.] -
Wheel formula -
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This bus was only made in prototype version. It features one of the early attempts in building long structures by utilizing a flexible interconnection. This was, apparently, the longest Soviet bus ever built.


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