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VAZ - The Automobile Plant on river Volga, is located in a city called Toliatti. A decree of the Soviet government on July 20, 1966 was to be the foundation of this large factory. Also very important is the date of August 15, 1966 when an agreement with the Italian company "Fiat" was signed. This agreement promised Italian help and cooperation in constructing and building the factory and the cars themselves. Thus, in January of 1967 the building process was started. And as soon as April 1970 first "Zhiguli" were made [in foreign countries these cars were marked as "Lada"]. The very first "Zhiguli", VAZ-2101, were built based on Italian Fiat-124. This model was a success for which the VAZ was hoping for. One of European newspapers reported: "VAZ-2101 is almost without faults". For a Soviet car this was a compliment.

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Model Years of production
VAZ-2101, VAZ-2102, VAZ-2103 "Zhiguli" 1970-1988
VAZ-2104, VAZ-2105 "Zhiguli" 1980-present
VAZ-2106 "Zhiguli" 1976-present
VAZ-2107 "Zhiguli" 1982-present
VAZ-2108 "Samara" 1984-present
VAZ-2109, VAZ-21099 "Samara" 1988-present
VAZ-2110, VAZ-2111, VAZ-2112 1995-present
VAZ-2115 "Samara" 1997-present
VAZ-2120 1997-present
VAZ-2121, VAZ-2131 "Niva" 1977-present
VAZ-1111, VAZ-11101 "Oka" 1989-present
VAZ-2123 1999
VAZ-2801 ?

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