YaAZ - Yaroslavl Automobile Plant.

located in Yaroslavl, Russia (1925-1959) (Currently YaMZ [Yaroslavl Motor Plant])


KrAZ - Kremenchug Automobile Plant.

located in Kremenchug, Poltava district, Ukraine

YaAZ was built in 1925 and started producing Ya-3. It continued producing trucks and a few buses and by late 1940's was making heavy-duty trucks with diesel engines. In 1947 production of medium trucks was transferred to Minsk Automobile Plant where YaAZ-200 was made under the new name MAZ-200. In 1959, YaAZ stopped producing large trucks and the equipment was transported to Kremenchug Automobile Plant (imeni 50 Years of Soviet Ukraine) which was built and began operating in 1958 in place of a former combine factory. In 1959 YaAZ was renamed in to YaMZ (Yaroslavl Engine (producing) Plant). YaMZ specialized in production of powerful diesel engines, which it continues to this day. In 1971 KrAZ it received Orden Lenina. In 1976 KrAZ bacame the head of "AutoKrAZ".

YaAZ Trucks

Model Years of Production
Ya-3 1925-1928
Ya-4 1928-1929
Ya-5 1929-1932
Ya-6 1929-1932
YaA-2 1932 (experimental)
YaG-3 1932-1934
YaG-10 1932-1934
YaG-12 1932-1941 (experimental)
YaG-4, YaS-1 1934-1936
YaG-6, YaS-3 1936-1942
YaG-7, YaS-4 1939 (experimental)
YaAZ-200 1947-1950
YaAZ-210, YaAZ-210G, YaAZ-210D, YaAZ-210E, YaAZ-218 1951-1958


KrAZ Trucks

Model Years of Production
KrAZ(YaAZ)-214, KrAZ-219, KrAZ-221, KrAZ-222 (1956-)1959-1967
KrAZ-255, KrAZ-256, KrAZ-257, KrAZ-258 1967-1984
KrAZ-250, KrAZ-260 1984-present
KrAZ-5131, KrAZ-5133 19??-present

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