MAZ-Minsk Automobile Plant

MZKT-Minsk Plant of Wheel-based Tractors

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MAZ, which started operating in Minsk, Belorussia, indherited production of YaAZ trucks that were formerly made in Yaroslavl until 1947.


MAZ Trucks

Model Years of production
MAZ-200 1947-1965
MAZ-205 1947-1966
MAZ-525 1951-1965
MAZ-501 1955-1966
MAZ-502 1957-1965
MAZ-530 1957-1963
MAZ-500, MAZ-503, MAZ-504, MAZ-509, MAZ-511 1965-late 1980's
MAZ-535A, MAZ-537A, MAZ-7917 1960's-1980's
MAZ-5432 1990's
MAZ-6317, MAZ-6425, MAZ-6430 1990's


MZKT trucks

Model Years of production
MZKT-7429, MZKT-75165, MZKT-79097 1990's
MZKT-79?? ?

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