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Model MAZ-200
Seating 3
Net-weight, kg 6,400
Full load weight, kg 13,625
Load weight, kg 7,000 on hard surface road / 4,000 on dirt road.
Total trailer weight, kg 9,500
Length, mm 7625
Width, mm 2650
Height, mm 2430
Base, mm 4520
Minimal clearance, mm 290
Minimal radius of turn, m 10.1
Maximum speed, km/h 65
Maximum horsepower, hp 120 @ 2,000 rpm
Engine capacity, liters 4.654
Compression ratio 17:1
Gear ratios 6.17/3.40/1.79/1.00/0.78/R-6.69
Main gear ratio 8.21
Mileage, liters/100km 32 (at 40 km/h)
Breaking distance, m -
Fuel tank capacity, liters 225L (diesel fuel)
Years of production 1947-1965 (from 1947-1950 YaAZ-200)
Type of engine YaAZ-M204A, 2-tact, 4-cyl diesel
Wheel formula 4 X 2
Pictures  49 KB (b/w, front view, MAZ crane, building up Communism [28])

84 KB (color, side view, fire-truck [28])

8 KB (color, side view, regular working vehicle [28])

56 KB (color, front view, regular working vehicle [19/13])

84 KB (color, side view, military truck [3])

64 KB (color, side view, fueling cistern, equipped for extreme cold [3])

67 KB (color, side view, drawing [106])

2 KB (b/w, side view, another fueling cistern [5])

4 KB (color, front view, regular vehicle [5])

17 KB (b/w, side view, "Aeroflot" fuel cistern [5])

46KB (b/w, side view, YaAZ [1947-1950] [19/4])

51 KB (b/w, side view, MAZ-200, board platform w/ technical info [1])

49 KB (color, side view, drawing, MAZ-200V, tractor model [106])

53 KB (b/w, rear view, MAZ-200V, tractor model w/ tech info [1])

YaAZ-200 [1947 - 1950], MAZ-200 [1950-1965], MAZ-200G had high detachable wooden board extensions for the sides and opening benches [1951-1957], MAZ-200P [1962-1965], ? (MAZ-200D)

There is also a dump-truck model MAZ-205, a tractor model MAZ-501 and a 4 X 4 flatbed truck MAZ-502.

The only difference this truck had from MAZ-205 was that it had a winch, longer chassis and frame. From 1947-1950 this vehicle was marked as YaAZ-200(10 KB [4] [full size  46KB] [19/4]), but in essence it was the same truck with no technical differences whatsoever [its only difference were its grill bars and a bear emblem on the hood]. This was the first Soviet diesel truck. It was in fact a copy of a 7,000 kg [load mass] "General Motors" truck. The YaAZ-M204 engine was a copy of GMC-4-71 engine. From 1952 a tractor MAZ-200V (40 KB [28]) (80 KB w/ OdAZ-832 semi-trailer [1]) (was made on the chassis of MAZ-200. From 1962 a tractor MAZ-200M was produced. (it differed from MAZ-200V in that it had a 180 h.p., 6 cylinder YaMZ-236 engine)

Maximum fording depth for MAZ-200 trucks is 0.8 meters, approach angle is 43 degrees, angle of departure is 26 degrees.


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