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Model  ZIL-130
Seating 3
Net-weight, kg [lb] 4,300 [9,460]
Full load weight, kg [lb] 9,525 [20,955]
Load weight, kg [lb] 4,000 [8,800] (5,500 [12,100] if I or II class roads)
Total trailer weight, kg [lb] 6,400 [14,080]
Length, mm [in.] 6675 [263]
Width, mm [in.] 2500 [98]
Height, mm [in.] 2400 [94]
Base, mm [in.] 3800 [150]
Minimal clearance, mm [in.] 270 [10.6]
Minimal radius of turn, m [yards] 8.8 [9.7]
Maximum speed, km/h [mi/h] 94 [58]
Maximum horsepower, hp [kW] 150 [112] @ 3,200 rpm
Maximum torque, Nm [lbft] 41 [226] @ 1,800 rpm
Engine displacement, liters [cc] 6.0 [5,969]
Compression ratio 6.5:1
Gear ratios 7.45/4.10/2.29/1.47/1.00/R-7.90
Main gear ratio 6.45
Mileage, liters/100km [mi/gal] 27 [8.7]
Acceleration time from 0-100 km/h [62 mi/h], seconds -
Breaking distance, m [yards] -
Fuel tank capacity, liters [gal] 170 [45] (A-76)
Years of production 1962-1992
Type of engine ZIL-130, V8, carb., 4-tact, ohv
Bore/Stroke, mm [in.] 100 [3.94]/ 95 [3.74]
Wheel formula 4 X 2
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ZIL-130 replaced its predecestor ZIL-164. Overall, during nearly 30 years of production about 200,000 ZIL-130 were made. ZIL-130 also has many similarities to its (6 X 6) counterpart ZIL-131.

A new design ZIL-4331 was developed in 1980 and production started in 1986. ZIL-130 however was continued to be produced for a few more years. Then, production of ZIL-130 was given to Uralsky Automobile Plant [Ekaterinburg] (not to be confused with UralAZ [Miass]). There, in Ekaterinburg, ZIL-130 was called ZIL-UAmZ-130. It is still made there in 1998. Because the ZIL-130 cabin is no longer made, UAmZ equips ZIL-130 with a ZIL-131 cabin (with vertical radiator grill).

In 1986 ZIL-130 was given a new index and then ZIL-130-80 became ZIL-431410. ZIL-130-80G became ZIL-431450 and ZIL-130-80GU became ZIL-431510.

Model Distinguishing features Photos, descriptions
ZIL-130-76 flatbed truck, basic model [base 3,800 mm] (19 KB color, front view, truck race [10]), (17 KB color, side view, truck race [10]), (13 KB b/w, side view, diagram [4]), (101 KB b/w, radiator view [3]), (46 KB b/w, front view, w/ dimensions [1]), (26 KB b/w, front view [16]), (24 KB b/w, front view [16]), (9 KB b/w, side view, drawing, prototype [104]), (71 KB color, front view, drawing [106]), (18 KB color, side view [160]), (51 KB color, side view, military van body [155])
ZIL-130B2 farm dump-truck (11 KB b/w, side view, diagram [4])
ZIL-130D1 construction dump-truck (7 KB b/w, side view, diagram [4])
ZIL-130G flatbed truck [longer base 4,500 mm] (65 KB color, front view, drawing [106]), (13 KB b/w, side view, diagram [4])
ZIL-130GU flatbed truck [extra long base 5,600 mm] (129 KB color, side view [3]), (18 KB b/w, side view, diagram [4])
ZIL-130V1 tractor [3300 mm base] (63 KB color, front view, drawing [106]), (12 KB b/w, side view, diagram [4])
ZIL-MMZ-554 Mytishchi dump-truck, rectangular shape of body, transport light material such as dirt. (122 KB b/w, front view, w/ trailer [3])
ZIL-MMZ-555 Mytishchi dump-truck, elliptical shape of body, transport heavy material such as rocks. [3300 mm base] (73 KB color, front view, drawing [106]), (25 KB b/w, side view [4]), (69 KB b/w, side view [3])
ZIL-MMZ-4502 Mytishchi dump-truck (70 KB b/w, side view [3])
ZIL-UAmZ-130 same as ZIL-130 but made by UAmZ since early 1990's with ZIL-131 cabin. (127 KB color, front view [3]), (17 KB b/w, front view [10])
Street cleaning ZIL-130-76 chassis (41 KB b/w, side view, street cleaning [16])
Gas emergency repair ZIL-130-76 chassis (82 KB b/w, front view, gas emergency repair [16])
Fire truck long cabin (39 KB b/w, side view, fire truck [16])
Cistern (AC-30) ZIL-130 chassis (19 KB color, side view [? 13])


ZIL-133 is a modification of ZIL-130. It is, however, comparatively rare, but could be seen once in a while. Basically, ZIL-133 was a 6 X 4 version of ZIL-130. ZIL-133 has the same driver's cabin as ZIL-130 but also a more powerful 180 h.p. gasoline ZIL-133 engine. ZIL-133GYa was developed jointly with KamAZ and had a KamAZ diesel 210 h.p. engine. Because the KamAZ diesel engine was bigger then the gasoline ZIL engine it did not fit under the original hood. Thus, the engine compartment had to be enlarged (making it longer and more bulky). The radiator grill was also modified to 3 wide horizontal openings divided in half (making a total of 6 horizontal openings). ZIL-133 series is very different from the military/off-road 6 X 6 ZIL-131. ZIL-133 is considerably longer and looks overall differently. ZIL-133 was a good truck but because ZIL did not make its own diesel engines until much later (the experimental ZIL-645 was not mass produced until mid-1990's) it had a limited success in comparison to KamAZ trucks of the same class. In 1995 ZIL-133GYa was replaced by ZIL-133-05A and ZIL-6404-30 with a new driver's cabin and finally a ZIL produced diesel engine [ZIL-645 200 h.p. and ZIL-645.1 210 h.p.].

Model Dimensions, mm distinuishing features Photos, descriptions
ZIL-133 8070 X 2500 X 2400 flatbed truck, made from 1975 with ZIL-133 engine, 180 h.p., same cabin as ZIL-130; 8,000 kg load + 6,000 kg trailer, net mass 6,550 kg. (51 KB color, side view, drawing [106]), 33 KB (b/w, side view [16])
ZIL-133GYa 9250 X 2500 X 2400 flatbed truck, made from 1979 with KamAZ-5320 diesel engine, 210 h.p., longer hood and 6 horzintal openings on radiator grill, 10,000 kg + 6,000 kg trailer, net mass 7,790. max v=84 km/h 104 KB (b/w, side view [13]), 73 KB (color, interior view [13]), 125 KB (color, front view [13]), 119 KB (b/w, side view, crane KS-3575 [3]), 103 KB (b/w, font view [3]), 26 KB (b/w, front view [16])
ZIL-133VYa - tractor, made from 1979 w/ KamAZ-5320 210 h.p. diesel engine, longer hood and 6 horizontal openings. 69 KB (b/w, front view [3])

Thanks to Evgeny Smirnov for providing much interesting information about ZIL-130 and ZIL-133.



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