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Model  UAZ-69 (UAZ-69A)*
Seating 8 or 2 + 500 kg [1,100 lbs] (5)
Net-weight, kg [lb] 1,525 [3,355] (1,535 [3,377])
Full load weight, kg [lb] 2,175 [4,785] (1,960 [4,312])
Load weight, kg [lb] 500 [1,100]
Total trailer weight, kg [lb] only one-axle semi-trailer up to 850 [1,870]
Length, mm [in.] 3850 [152]
Width, mm [in.] 1850 [73] (1750 [69])
Height, mm [in.] 2030 [80] (1920 [76])
Base, mm [in.] 2300 [91]
Minimal clearance, mm [in.] 210 [8.3]
Minimal radius of turn, m [yards] 6.5 [7.2]
Maximum speed, km/h [mi/h] 90 [56]
Maximum horsepower, hp [kW] 55 [41] @ 3,600 rpm
Maximum torque, Nm [lbft] 12.5 [81] @ 2,000-2,200 rpm
Engine displacement, liters [cc] 2.12 [2,112]
Compression ratio 6.2:1
Gear ratios I-3.115/II-1.772/III-1.00/R-3.738
Main gear ratio 5.125
Transfer box ratios lower-2.78, higher-1.15
Mileage, liters/100km [mi/gal] 14 [17] (@ 40 km/h [25 mph])
Acceleration time from 0-100 km/h [62 mi/h], seconds -
Breaking distance, m [yards] -
Fuel tank capacity, liters [gal] 48 main + 27 additional [13+7] (60 [16])
Years of production 1954-1972
Type of engine UAZ-69 [copy of M-20], carb., 4-tact, 4 cyl., sv
Bore/Stroke, mm [in.] 82 [3.23]/ 100 [3.94]
Wheel formula 4 X 4
Pictures  226 KB (b/w, side view w/ tech info [UAZ-69] [1])

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* (parenthesis) indicate technical parameters of UAZ-69A that are different from those of UAZ-69.

UAZ-69 can seat 8 people or the rear benches can be folded up in which case it seats 2 people and has a capacity to trasport 500 kg [1,100 lbs]. UAZ-69 is an all-time 5 seat jeep.

First year these jeeps were produced in Gorky (so called from 1930 to 1992, right now renamed into its Russian name [as opposed to Soviet] - Nizhniy Novgorod). Then, at the end of 1954 production of GAZ-69 was transferred to Ulianovsk, and from then on GAZ-69 was known as UAZ-69. Production of GAZ-69 in Gorky ceased in 1956 (3 years after it was began). Even though GAZ-69 technically became known as UAZ-69, the new title was not widely used by people nor in official papers, that's why this car is generally considered to be a GAZ. The engine of the car was taken from the well known GAZ-M-20 "Pobeda". There are no side view mirror on this car, and the only small mirror secured at the center of the windshield was not very practical bacause of the tarpauline covering that had only a small window in the back. In 1970, however, 2 window appeared on each side of the tarpauline tent.

Vehicle-mounted magnetic mine detector is mounted on a UAZ-469 or UAZ-69 truck. The detection element fastens on a frame on the front of the vehicle. When the vehicle approaches a metallic mine, a signal light appears on the dash and, simultaneously, the system applies compressed air into the brake cylinders, halting the detector. (12 KB b/w, side view [100]).

UAZ-456 tractor with UAZ-749 trailer. (13 KB  b/w, front view [104])


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