LuAZ-969, LuAZ-1302

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Model  LuAZ-969* LuAZ-1302 LuAZ-13021
Seating 4 4 (2) 2
Net-weight, kg 880 880 880
Full load weight, kg 1,270 1,280 -
Load weight, kg 250 100 (250) 550
Total trailer weight, kg - - -
Length, mm 3270 3270 3270
Width, mm 1640 1640 1640
Height, mm 1770 1770 1770
Base, mm 1800 1800 1800
Minimal clearance, mm 290 290 290
Minimal radius of turn, m 5 5.5 5.8
Maximum speed, km/h 75 95 90
Maximum horsepower, hp 30 @ 4,200 rpm 52 @5,500 rpm 52 @5,500 rpm
Engine capacity, liters 0.887 1.1 1.1
Compression ratio 6.5:1 - -
Gear ratios - - -
Main gear ratio - - -
Mileage, liters/100km 9 7.5 7.7
Breaking distance, m - - -
Fuel tank capacity, liters 34 (A-76) 34 (A-93) 34 (A-93)
Years of production 1970-1990 1990-present 1990-present
Type of engine V4, carb., 4-tact, ohv, air cool., MeMZ-966A 4 cyl, water cool., ohv, MeMZ-245 4 cyl, water cool., ohv, MeMZ-245
Wheel formula 4 X 4 4 X 4 4 X 4
Pictures  79 KB (color, side view, drawing [ZAZ-969] [106])

14 KB (color, side view, experimental, 1965 [ZAZ-969] [44])

13 KB (color, front view [LuAZ-969] [44])

14 KB (color, side view [LuAZ-969M] [44])

15 KB (color, front view [LuAZ-969M] [44])

15 KB (color, side view, [LuAZ-969M] [49])

91 KB (b/w, front view [LuAZ-696M] [3])

78 KB (b/w, side view, [LuAZ-969A] [3])

26KB (color, Apraksin Bor, Leningrad Oblast, Summer 1998, Gleb and Sasha [behind the jeep] [30])

19 KB (same as above, that's me getting ready to drive the "wonderful" creation of Soviet engineering [30])

21 KB (same as above, myself inside the Russian "Hummer" [30])

35 KB (color, front view, in southern Tunis, near Sahara desert [120])

42 KB (color, view, Valter driving in the hills of Genoa on a winter day [120])

7 KB (color, side view [48])

14 KB (color, side view [44])

58 KB (color, front view [49])

94 KB (color, front view [49])

25 KB (color, front view [4])

7 KB (color, side view [48])

16 KB (color, front view [44])

83 KB (color, front view [same as above but better] [4/19])

89 KB (color, side view [49])

83 KB (color, side view [49])

38 KB (color, front view of LuAZ-1302 and LuAZ-13021 going through forest [4/19])

*This car was first engineered as ZAZ-969 in 1965, but it only came out in 1970 on Lutsk Automobile Plant. In 1975 LuAZ-969A was made, in 1979-LuAZ-969M. In 1990 LuAZ-1302 and LuAZ-13021 were made.

ZAZ-969 projected in 1965 as well as LuAZ-969 and its modifications up to LuAZ-1302 were essentially all wheel drive vehicles based on ZAZ-966 mechanisms. The power output of the rear axle was optional, blocking of the differential of main gear and an additional lower gear were added. Independent suspension and larger clearance. Hydraulical brakes for front and rear wheels were also separate. The air cooled MeMZ-966A (30 h.p.) engine was located under the hood in the front.

Also existed LuAZ-967 which was an amphibious army version of this vehicle. (96 KB color, side view [25]) (98 KB b/w, front view, medical field vehicle [3]) (57 KB color, front view [4/19]) (25 KB b/w, schematic drawing [149])

LuAZ-969M differed from previous models in that it had some softer shapes and the roof was arched, allowing better run-off for water. There was also a plastic rediator grill added, instead of a metal one. It was equipped with air cooled engine MeMZ-966A (same as in ZAZ-966 "Zaporozhec"). LuAZ-1302 differed in that it had a water cooled engine MeMZ-245, same as in ZAZ-1102 "Tavria". Another version, LuAZ-967 was made specially for the military.

The name "Luaz" or "Volyn" is usually interchangeably used to mean LuAZ-969 or LuAZ-1301 since this is the only major series of LuAZes made. Volyn is the name of the region in which the city of Lutsk is located and therefore, these cars were given this title. As some of you might be interested, it is possible to buy LuAZ-1302 for $4,500 and LuAZ-13021 for $4,600.

I had a "pleasure" of driving a LuAZ-969M in Apraksin Bor, near Lyuban' (Leningrad oblast). The particular car that I drove belongs to my uncle, Keler Aleksander Rudolfovich. The steering wheel of this "jeep" had a free half-turn motion, obviously, driving in rainy weather I found it very "fun" that the windshielf wipers did not work. As you can see in this pic (26 KB [30]), the roof is covered with a plastic sheet so that water would not get into the cabin. This (19 KB [30]) is me going to the driver's seat. And this is me inside the car (21 KB[30])

Keler Aleksander Rudolfovich also taught me how to make moonshine: see this diagram from the rustic Russian countryside (67 KB [30]). If you have any practical questions about making moonshine, contact me.


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