MAZ-525 (BelAZ-525)

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Model  MAZ-525
Seating 2
Net-weight, kg 24,380
Full load weight, kg 49,520
Load weight, kg 25,000 (volume of body 14.3 m3)
Total trailer weight, kg -
Length, mm 8220
Width, mm 3220
Height, mm 3675
Base, mm 4780
Minimal clearance, mm 460 (under rear axle [700 under front])
Minimal radius of turn, m 13.8
Maximum speed, km/h 30
Maximum horsepower, hp 300 @ 1,500 rpm
Maximum torque, N*m 150 @ 1,100-1,200 rpm
Engine capacity, liters 38.8
Compression ratio 15:1
Gear ratios 7.14/3.53/1.88/1.00//0.72/R-5.10*
Main gear ratio 20.49**
Mileage, liters/100km 135 (at speed of 18-25 km/h)
Breaking distance, m -
Fuel tank capacity, liters 400L (diesel fuel)
Years of production 1951-1959 (from 1959-1965 known as BelAZ)
Type of engine D-12A, V12, 4-tact, diesel
Bore/stroke, mm 150.0/180.0 in left row, 186.7 in right row of cylinders
Wheel formula 4 X 2
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* The first series of trucks had only four gears.

** The first series of trucks had a main gear ratio of 17.74.

This dump-truck designed for working in quarries with excavators with buckets of volume 4-5 m3. From 1959 to the end in 1965, the production of this giant lorry was transferred from Minsk Automobile Plant to Belorussian Automobile Plant, hense its name, between 1959-1965, was BelAZ. This was one of few Soviet trucks to have hydraulical power steering to make the job of the driver easier.

***In 1952, MAZ developed a tractor-trailer version of MAZ-525 named MAZ-E'-525D. The wheel base of MAZ-E'-525D was 4000 mm. This tractor was intended for work in conjunction with scraper D-189. Maximum speed of this tractor with the scraper was 28 km/h. If the scraper was loaded, a second MAZ-E'-525D was used to push it from behind. The reason for that was that the scaper required about 600 hp vehicle for transportation, while the MAZ had only 300 hp. However, it was still cheaper operating two 300 hp trucks then one 600 hp.

****Also in 1952, Institure of Academy of Sciences of Ukrainian SSR and Harkov trolley depo a new kind of trasport was introduced. This was the trolley dump-truck which was much more economical then its gas or diesel operated counterpart (in fact, they were 76% more economical). Trolley dump-truck on chassis of MAZ-525 was equipped with 2 electro-engines DK-202 (230 hp [172 kW]), controlled by one controlleer with 4 contact panels (either TP-18 or TP-19). These electro-engines also powered the power steering and the lifting mechanism of the dump-truck. Electric lines had to provided along the route of work of these dump-trucks.


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